Amazon: FREE “Sudoku 4ever Plus” Game for Android Devices! (Reg. $1.99)

Sudoku 4ever Plus

Have an Android Device? Hurry on over to Amazon, where you can score this highly rated Sudoku 4ever Plus Game for $0.00 – FREE! The regular price is $1.99.

Sudoku 4ever Plus Game Features:

  • Portrait and landscape mode
  • All screen types and sizes
  • Touch screen, keyboard and trackball
  • Installation on external storage (e.g. SD card)
  • Android 1.6 to 4.x


“Every puzzle included in Sudoku4ever has a unique solution and can be solved using logic only (no guessing), although there’s a controversial discussion going on in the Sudoku community about where logic ends and guessing starts, and which solving technique belongs to which category. If you doubt that a puzzle is solvable, use the solve function (the solver also checks for multiple solutions) or the hint function to get a step-by-step solution path. For aesthetic reasons, a large part of Sudoku puzzle makers think they look nicer by making them symmetric one way or the other. From a mathematical point of view, the symmetry has no effect, other than that the chances for redundant givens in the grid increases with a higher level of symmetry. Sudoku4ever generates symmetrical puzzles only.”

Keep in mind, this Game is FREE today only. Be sure when you check out your total is $0.00 – FREE!

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