How to Frost A Cupcake Like a Pro!

How to Frost A Cupcake Like a Pro!


Okay, so lets get real. I’m not a professional cupcake froster by any means, as I’m sure you can tell. But I sure was excited when I frosted my cupcakes and they turned out the way they did! I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve purchased a cake or cupcakes made by a professional. . . they sure are pretty right? They certainly have a pretty price tag too! So here is my method in making pretty cupcakes, without the high price! Best of all, it’s super easy.


1.) Grab a tall cup, a quart sized baggie and a silicone spatula.
2.) Put the baggie inside of the cup and wrap the opening of the baggie over the sides of the cup.
3.) Scoop the frosting into the baggie.


4.) Pull the baggie out of the cup and squeeze the frosting to one corner.
5.) Grab your scissors and cut off the baggie corner.
6.) Squeeze the frosting out onto your cupcake in circular motions.


Note: It’s super fun to let the kiddos help. My daughter loved topping the cupcakes with chocolate candies and sprinkles! 🙂

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